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Surprising results...

Tom Schum wrote:

Luego wrote:

The X10 shines when shot in M size 6MP and DR400% with ISO100.

That's why I requested you to test:

An image shot with X-E1 kit lens 50mm FL,

@ DR400, ISO800, full resolution 16Mp

And an image shot with X10 50mm FL,

Same exposure @ DR400, ISO100, M size 6Mp

Then downsize the X-E1 image to 6Mp and compare.

This would emphasize the advantage of the X10 utilizing EXR DR functionality.

- EXR DR (where half the sensor is exposed shorter and later) is only used at ISO lower than DR (ISO 100 + DR 200, ISO 100-320 + DR 400).




I did the test you recommended, using a few spare minutes on my lunch hour yesterday:


First I did the camera reset on both cameras. I set X10 to Program AE, ISO 100, DR400, Image size M (3:2), Quality Fine, Provia. I set X-E1 to ISO 800, DR400, Image size L (3:2), Quality Fine, Provia.

Link will get you both original images, unedited from the cameras, a resized X-E1 image to match the resolution of the X10 image, and the image containing comparative 100% crops at X10 resolution:

It was interesting to see that the X-E1 chose to shoot at F16 when my guess is the image would be sharper at F5.6 to F8. I re-shot at F6.4 and found this to be true, but I did not put this photo in the album since it would add confusion.

Default X10 settings for sharpness result in easily-seen sharpening haloes as you can see. This is less evident in X-E1. My preference is to set sharpness to -1 or -2 in the camera, then sharpen later in Photoshop because it gives me much better control of these haloes.

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Tom Schum

Thanks Tom for your effort and quick response.

Would have liked to give you a hand, because your climate seems to be on the opposite of the spectrum, while we have to cope with minus 24 C here...brrr...LOL

You picked a great subject with deep shadows and good highlights. The halos you are seeing could have been introduced by pixel-binning as well as in cam sharpening. This was also observed previously by Timur Born.

Looking at your images on my monitor, I noticed that the X-E1 image is about 1/3 stop lighter than the X10. Also, the X-E1 image shows some magenta cast in the trees between the two light posts. Perhaps it is my monitor or my eyes are the culprit...LOL

Surprisingly the noise level in both cams appear to be equal. That "little" sensor does a great job as I expected, considering the difference in pixel pitches.

Image resolution and detail is obviously no contest and I did not anticipate for the X-Trans sensor to perform any different.

Your test results will help me now to consider to keep my X10 and add the X100S to my arsenal.

Thanks again and best regards,


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