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Re: OM-D - which bag?

Hey there

I'm in exactly the same position - honeymoon phase with new om-d.

Been researching bags, online & offline. I started looking for the smallest bag possible to serve my needs. To achieve this I've quickly realised I'm going to need more than one bag! At least three...

1) Big = Camera + Laptop + Everything Bag

This is for whenever I need to fit laptop in, as well as camera body + 2-3 lenses, portable hard drive, water bottle, ipod, big headphones, chargers, sunglasses, moisturiser, phone, wallet, etc. So it ends up being a large bag, depending on laptop size (mine is 13"). If you like shoulder / messenger bags there are some super stylish options. However if you want a backpack - like me - to even out the weight, then choices are more limited. One factor I found interesting is some open up on the inside which is safer from theft, others open up on the side which is easiest to get on the go without taking the bag off. I also would prefer have a chest and waist strap, but many of the compact ones don't. Here is my shortlist:

  • Kata DR-466 DL
  • Kata LPS-216 DL
  • Acme Montgemery Streetpack
  • Crumpler Jackpack Half Photo Backpack
  • LowePro CompuDay 250
  • LowePro Fastpack 250

If anyone has any favourites (from this list, or beyond) please let me know!

2) Medium = Camera + Accessories Bag

To put just my camera and all accessories. This will be my 'storage' at home, but also my all-encompassing travel bag. There are lots of options. I wanted the smallest possible for body, kit 12-50mm, and 3 primes, also small purse, phone, keys, spare battery. Here are the ones I found:

  • Lowepro Nova 140
  • Crumpler Jackpack 3000,
  • Lowpro Event Messenger 100

The next size up for all these would also work well, and there are many others too. Depends on what you have, and whether you want to go lean or leave extra room for future additions!

3) Small = Just the Camera + 1 extra lens.

This bag is for hiking days or exploring a new city with just my camera and little else. This is where I need a holster or pouch to wear on a shoulder strap or maybe on a waist belt. If you have the kit 12-50mm then that means you need 14cm of height in the bag. Then 5cm more for an extra lens or two, depending on size and if you lie them down horizontally or vertically. Total requirement is 19cm height. The smallest two I've found are:

  • Kata D-Light Marvelx-30 and
  • Think Tank Digital Holster 10

Sizes add up on paper and people on this forum who own an Omd have recommended both of these highly. The TT has great reviews, but the Kata is considerably slimmer and lighter.

Alternatively if its literally just the camera and no extra lens options then I've tried out the Lowepro Rezo TLZ10 and works well too.

Also just to throw it in, came across the Crumpler Haven which is a little padded camera and lens pouch that comes in 3 sizes and can be put into any bag. Sounds very useful! Unfortunately they don't sell it here in the UK, so will check it out next time I'm in the states.

Hope this helps with your own hunt! Good luck, and enjoy the journey!

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