Serious use for fisheye lens?

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Re: Fisheye lenses -- tye-dyed right from 1969!

ljfinger wrote:

Paul Farace wrote:

the above samples are nice shots taken with what I and my peers would call an ultra-wide... the use of the term FISHEYE indicates a lens that produces a circular image on its standard format...

No, that is not what "FISHEYE" means.

Fisheye is a projection.

"Azimuthal equidistant projection, the projection that a fisheye lens creates."

A projection is the way the spherical world around the lens is mapped to the flat world of the sensor/film. Fisheye's do this using a different mathematical method than do "standard" lenses which use rectilinear projection.

Thanks ljfinger,

I think this discussion can be useful to many people, because I suspect that the ideas expressed by Paul are quite common (actually I often read similar comments on forums), and this probably limits the diffusion of nice and not expensive fisheye lenses as the Samyang.

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