Macrophotography with my new 5R!

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Macrophotography with my new 5R!

FINALLY! All that crap I bought 30 years ago is useful! Years of collecting offbeat lenses and adapters finally made useful with a Fotodex Minolta-NEX adapter.

Centipede legs.....yuck!

Baby horseshoe crab spines.

Desert Whiptail jaw.

Intel 486 Chip

Optically erasable chip. The gray part is about 2mm on a side.

Detail of above.

Pentium1 Chip. Getting the lid off these things is NOT easy!

P1 Circuit detail. The colors are light diffracted from the sub-micron spacing of the circuit traces. Dust for scale.

Scorpion pincer.

Tiny sea shell.

Disclaimer: I have a fairly high-end two-head stereoscope and a Leitz fiber optic light source that I bought on eBay when my kids were little. My NEX 5R was mounted to one of the eyepieces with a Minolta microscope mounted to a FotoDex adapter that I bought when I was little.

Cool stuff! Can't wait to take this a little more seriously. show me yours.

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