What would cause you to switch to canon?

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Re: What would cause you to switch to canon?

I don't think my photos will be any better or worse with Canon than they are with Nikon - both systems are capable of delivering great results if you learn how to use them properly.

The way Nikon has handled the whole D600-oil/dust-issue on the other hand is something that will have a major impact on my decision the next time I am going to upgrade my camera body. My next camera will most likely be the first DSLR I buy that isn't a Nikon - and I have used Nikon gear exclusively since the D70 appeared in 2004.

Their way of pretending that nothing is wrong when a issue has been reported time and time and time again has really left me with a bad taste in my mouth - I don't feel like I can trust Nikon anymore.

The issue doesn't seem to appear in all cameras, but the flood waves of reports clearly shows that these aren't isolated issues that happen in a just few cameras either. I have one of the dreaded self-dirtifying D600's myself, and I am sick and tired of cleaning it every 2-300 exposures - and every single time seeing that it is way dirtier than I have ever had any of my previous 4-5 Nikon DSLRs be even after thousands of exposures.

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