Help on hard drive for new MacPro

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Re: Help on hard drive for new MacPro

Hi Adam

I'm starting to get a bit nervous about this myself.  I have a 2008 Mac Pro that runs well but might be facing the same situation in a year or two.

When the latest Mac Pros were released this past summer there were lots of negative comments about it being more of a tweek than an upgrade.  Tim Cook was quoted as saying that the Pro Line and the pro customers were important to Apple and they could expect something "really great"  in 2013. If you can wait a few months, you might be seeing a better machine this summer.

Sometimes you need equipment when you need it and if I needed it now, I would consider the 12 core with the less expensive  1 TB drive from apple plus an OWC (Other World Computing) Mercury Accelsior SSD drive.  It is a solid state drive that attaches to a Mac Pro's PCI-e bus and runs much faster than a solid state or mechanical SATA drive.  Your mac could boot from this drive and use your 10k drive as a data drive.

Even if you decide you want to hold off on the SSD for now, you can't just swap in the 10k and boot from it because it will have the older OS configuration.

If everything will fit on the new  1 TB drive you could network the two computers, copy your programs and data across to the new computer then move the 10 k drive to the new computer, reformat it and clone your new dirve to the 10k drive.  After cloning use the 10k drive to boot.

The cloning part can be done with back up software, carbon copy cloner or super duper.

There are a couple variations of that process depending on your exact situation.  The apple store can probably help when your ready to take the plunge.  Good luck and enjoy.


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