OT: What to see in Washington DC over 24 hours

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Re: OT: What to see in Washington DC over 24 hours

Well, I had a blast today. Weather was just perfect. I didn't go last night as I was very tired and it was very cold. I believe you all that it all looks good.

Today, I went with a friend of mine with bicycle, camera hanging from my neck with the Sony 16-105 lens. By the way, this is one of the best all around lenses. I took the tamron 70-200 with me to DC but it never left the bag.

I'll post some shots in the next post, but I have to tell you all that this is beautiful city. With all those attractions, and now they are preparing for the big event on Monday, the inauguration. I saw so many helicopters, even military looking ones, its not even funny. Also, airplanes coming in to the nearby airport come close enough for a 200-300mm lens, even cheap ones can get close shots of them all day long.

And I walked all those exhibitions and attractions around the monument. I've read many of the quotes from the Founders of America. Without getting into too much politics, I have to conclude that these people were some of the biggest thinkers. I would recommend all president having to read those before they get sworn in, and then APPLY them. I think currently there is some work to be done to get back on the track those founders laid down for America.

Anywas, some pictures to follow...

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