Latest findings on NEX6 video duration?

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Son Of Mustang Ford wrote:

GodSpeaks wrote:

And before you, or someone else, suggests that it is not firmware, but hardware. Wrong. It has been known for years that Sony cameras in the EU can have firmware hacks to eliminate the time limit.

Firmware, software, hardware, don't care. My only point really is that YOU willingly bought the six knowing all about this situation. My 'sub' point is that ths sort of thing is not unique to cameras and not unique to Sony and not only because of EU tax laws (for example smart-phone cameras everywhere have a shutter sound because it is required by US law - so people know photo is being taken)

Adds nothing to the discussion.

GodSpeaks wrote:

H. Paul Moon wrote:

Careful with your assumptions. The length of video files may be transparently longer, but that might be after they're stitched together upon import by a smart acquisition tool. Certainly with Sony AVCHD (e.g., my NEX-FS100), any recording time longer than 30 minutes starts into a new file, but upon import using PlayMemories, it's stitched together into a seamless file longer than 30 minutes (to match the actual recording time).

Ok, well that is just plain wrong. If you look carefully, you will see that the file size chunks of a (much) longer than 30 minute continuous recording are often 4GB. That is due to a file size limitation of the FAT32 file system most cameras use.

In any event, unless your camera ACTUALLY STOPS recording, just before 30 minutes, then it is indeed exceeding the 30 minute EU limit, regardless of the size of the file chunks it generates in the process.

Looks like you simply don't understand.  I made a specific comparison in reference to the NEX-FS100 (which applies to all Sony Handycams too), also shooting AVCHD.  The stitching together is not happening in-camera, plain and simple.  It's solely a function of PlayMemories.  And it has nothing to do with the file system's limitations.  It's a trade restriction, dumbed down internationally for whole product lines.

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