Image Circle Sizes for a few NX Lenses

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Image Circle Sizes for a few NX Lenses

No, the 85mm wouldn't cover full frame, at least not well. It is hard for me to get a bright and large enough light to illuminate the front of the lens, but it appears it would just clip the corners of a full frame sensor. They would have to make all new lenses for FX.

The 16mm has plenty of coverage for APS-C, the 12-24mm has just enough at 12 (but still nicely within the circle but nearly full frame coverage at 24mm. The 30mm has plenty for APS-C.

I put the lens on a clear stand about 25mm above the "sensors". The black lines of the rectangles are about 1mm to small on each side, my printer didn't print the same as the drawing I made and I didn't feel like fixing, so the cutout size is more accurate. The inner rectangle is what an APS-C sensor would see and the outer rectangle a full frame sensor. I put a diffuser on the lens to try to uniformly apply light. For the 85 it is much more difficult since the front element is so large, I did a long exposure and moved the light around.

Notice that most of these have plenty of margin, the closest being 12-24mm at 12mm, which doesn't surprise me. All would probably have enough margin to use with in body shake reduction, but hard to say for sure (wider angles don't need to move as much to compensate). These aren't meant to be highly accurate by any means, but just showing that non of the lenses would work for a full frame camera. It would be all new lenses. The 85mm would be close, as I would say my measurement of that lens is the least accurate due to the large element.

30mm f/2

85mm f/1.4

12-24mm f/4-5.6 at 12mm, note: you can see the apple shape from my apple sticker diffusor

12-24mm f/4-5.6 at 24mm

16mm f/2.4


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