How Hard could it Be to Add Depth of Field Info?

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Re: How Hard could it Be to Add Depth of Field Info?

AEP2 wrote:

If an iphone ap can do it, certainly the 5D3 should as well. Camera knows focusing distance, lens aperture, and zoom value. The depth of field button is pretty useless. Give the info as 25-75, for example.

what's your observer distance and final image magnification?

DoF is varied and not exactly accurate to calculate at the time of the image being captured.  the most accurate calc would be on a 2lp calculation for DoF .. which would have some horrified to see how small it is.

if you use the standard DoF .. it's not realistic .. since that was based upon an observer distance of around 2 feet (I think .. ) and a print output of 12x8.

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