D600 / my settings / some questions… and yours?

Started Jan 18, 2013 | Discussions thread
OP Edmund17 Regular Member • Posts: 290
Sorry, lock……you are right....

lock wrote:

Remember that center weight uses the (8 mm) central af sensor area to meter. In high contrast bright scenes you may use the central sensor on a relatively dark object. This may lead to overexposed brighter parts. Is that what you were seeing?

I do not think the general solution to prevent this overexposure is to use a larger center area if the high contrast is related to lots of daylight. You could be better of with matrix.

Sorry, lock……you are right……I was under the wrong impression as if “b4” were related to “matrix” too....

Something recently changed and my D600 is handling exposure a lot better that I related to “b4” as is the only setting I modified.

I learnt that on rare occasions, some lenses on the D600 were not closing the aperture blades to the correct opening size causing overexposure (I'm using a 24-85mm); hope it’s not my case. From what I remember, on my overexposed pictures the ISO setting was too high, and I use Auto-ISO most of the times so I’ll pay attention to that…



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