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Jim F wrote:

Very useful videos. Congratulations. Well done. I'm trying to sort out which m4/3 models have an external mic jack. Makes recording nature sounds (while shooting video) more pleasing.

To my direct knowledge, the GH2 and GH3 both have external mic sockets. The GH2's is 2.5mm so requires an adapter to take a standard 3.5mm plug - which will fit the GH3 without the adapter.

The GH1 will work with the external Panasonic mic made for it, but I'm not sure whether it will accept any others.

The Oly E-M5 has no built in jack socket, but can accept an external mic via the accessory port. Unfortunately, the adapter also takes up the hotshoe where you would probably want to mount your microphone.

The best hybrid option currently available is undoubtedly the GH3. If video is secondary, the E-M5 should also be considered. Next, the GH2, which can now be obtained at very good prices.

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