Fuji May Feature Direct "AppDrive" in Future Cameras

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Fuji May Feature Direct "AppDrive" in Future Cameras

I am not intending to fuel the stupid rumour-mill but this info appears interesting so I am throwing it up here for light discussion if anyone is interested.

I attended a dinner party Friday night and learned from a bright young engineer from Fuji Electric (not their camera division) of some work being done at the moment to allow apps to be installed directly into a camera to take control over and expand all functions and to allow phone call functionality via Bluetooth from the camera.

Fuji apparently are considering the merits of leveraging the immense know-how out in the app developer community to provide an option to drive a camera in the future. On the sample device he played with (which he remembers was in a non-working x-E1 body) there are three options right at the beginning. The first is the normal Fuji developed menu and feature list software built-in to the camera, the second option is to choose one of your installed apps to control everything, downloaded from the net and installed in to camera. The third is to use the camera as a phone.

Beyond "playing" with it there was not much else he could tell me. He said it is common within Fuji to create 'idea' devices and send them around internally to the various departments to obtain initial feedback and thoughts. He has seen some odd-ball devices in his time.

I rang him this morning asking if I am free to discus this on the net to which he replied sure as it is no secret the majority of camera manufactures are moving to mobile phone type functionality with some of their devices, some already have.

On that score I think it is only a matter of time before we are able to use cameras as phones. Oh wait, we already can.

Are we seeing camera manufacturers moving to provide mobile phone functionality in the same way as mobile phones have moved to provide camera functionality? I suppose this is nothing new then but I find it interesting and a bit sad the era when one device does photos only is almost in the past.

Nikon and Canon have both proved they can break in to the elite cinematography equipment market with their dual use cameras (photos and HD movies). Ten years ago had anyone said it would be possible to produce a major feature film with a Nikon or Canon DSLR the purists would have laughed you out of the room.

Some strange times are ahead and I am not sure I am "young" enough to flow with it. My two S5 Pro cameras are looking like ancient beasts now, but not to me.

Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro Fujifilm X-E1
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