Blasphemy Alert : What difference would Leica make for me??

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Re: Comment to Rbbra

Rbbra wrote:

"It was invented for that purpose."

Yes, completely true. A camera to carry along with you all the time. The II's, III's, the M's...

"A return to the way cameras operated in the 1970s and before. Using a Leica is a slower and more determined process."

Yes, true, because there came faster camera's; shooting Leica M is now a retro experience.

But these companion camera's were as well developed to be used as "quick action" camera's, to shoot "the events of everyday life"... They were never intended to be used in a "slower and more determined" way.

So there's the contradiction using a Leica nowadays...


That's a very perspicacious observation, and shows the difficulty of discussing matters spanning different eras where the colloquial meaning of terms changes subtly over time.Your point is supported by the fact that you could buy a motor drive for your film-era Leica M.

I took his meaning as "slower and more determined" when compared to, say, the capability of a modern DSLR to shoot 1000 shots at maximum FPS with full auto-bracketing of all parameters. Of course there are many people who do use modern DSLRs in a slow, considered manner and rarely access the cameras high-speed shooting capability; so I think your observation about an apparent contradiction / dichotomy is logically correct, while the counter argument that "I just like using camera X more than camera Y" is equally valid.

But it does seem that there are rangefinder enthusiasts who overlook the fact that Leica etc. adopted the coupled rangefinder not because of any cool photo-mojo, but because at the time it was the state-of-the-art technology for focusing a camera...


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