external mic on GH3

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Re: Thanks. I'm not familiar with the stereo Videomic Pro.

Corkcampbell wrote:

I have the (more portable) Videomic Pro that came out about 18 months ago. I have been looking for a case for it, so will check out your suggestion; I'm using a felt lens bag now.

The domke lens wraps are velcro and you fold it around the item to create a pocket is how it works.

Just gives something so its protected in the camera bag that is not ridged.

Domke wraps are in different colors for color coding items.  Usually, grey, yellow, blue, red from memory. Got them at B&H photo and they average about $20.  In sizes 11", 15" and 19". The 15" inch can easily hold a GX-1 body only and I would guess the 19" the GX-1 with short lens like the 14-45.

I use the wraps if I ever travel inside a backpack for extra shock absorption. I do remove the camera gear from the wraps when actively shooting.  Just for quicker access but not a big deal to leave them.

Even if you don't like the wrap they are still useful.

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