new build: front face connectors audio/usb/eSata/cf/sd?

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Re: new build: front face connectors audio/usb/eSata/cf/sd?

Be aware that there is a big difference between USB2 and USB3.  The physical connectors are the same (for external devices) but motherboard connectors are totally different.  Only newer motherboards have connectors (actually called headers) for adding USB3 ports.  These headers are on the motherboard itself, and are not the same as USB3 ports on the back panel of the motherboard - these usually have a blue plastic insert in them to distinguish them from regular USB2 ports.

If you want to add a panel with USB3 ports check to see what kind of connector is on the end of its cable.  Some have a "regular" USB3 connector which means you have to run it through a pass-thru hole on the back of your case and pug it into one of the standard USB3 connectors on the motherboard back panel - just like you would plug in an external USB device.

Others have a multi-pin connector (9 pins I think) that plugs directly into a USB3 header on the motherboard.

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