Kudos the the f/2 SHG lenses from a NatGeo video pro

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Re: Kudos the the f/2 SHG lenses from a NatGeo video pro

philosomatographer wrote:

Jean Dupont wrote:

philosomatographer wrote:

I wanted to share the accolades a professional filmographer for National Geographic bestowed on the Olympus f/2.0 zooms, originally posted here in the µ43 forums:

I read the post. How do you know he is a professional filmographer for National Geographic?

Unlike you.  I am not so skeptical about every person that posts something on an online forum. If he said so, I believe him. What is the matter with everybody on this forum? I thought this is an Olympus-friendly forum - why the continued hostility to ALL my posts that are positive about this brand's equipment?!

Where did he say so? He made only one post in his entire forum history. You making this up?

"Our business has quality compliance requirements to Nat Geo and HD TV so here we forego some of the Lumix/Pana convenience to take on higher image quality of the Zuiko Digitals. And we especially love the Zuiko D35 - 100 f2 for this reason (and because it has lived up to the absolute pounding we give it)."

"in love with the dynamics, quality and brilliant low light crisp output of the Zuiko Digital F2 lenses. Our Zuiko Digitals have bounced halfway around the world, been dropped, washed, squashed and generally mistreated, but (aside of several neutral density filters) have never let us down, turning great image after great image"

I of course use it for still photos, as opposed to video, but I have to agree that the 35-100 is the most consistently spectacular lens I've personally used, and I can't wait to compliment it with the 14-35. Using this lens makes me absolutely immune against all the paranoia, rumours, and angst for some sort of E-5 replacement - this lens together with RawTherapee makes the E-5 output kick typical 20MP Nikon/Canon ass, especially at f/2.0.

Olympus should be marketing the virtues of these astounding lenses more (they really are poor at marketing, aren't they?) - these are lenses that can, and will, offer years and years of lasting value. Enjoy them!


Please?? PLEASE?!?! What do you know about it? I have used both, you insensitive clod. I am sharing what I am seeing. I really don't care if you believe me, but the proof is in my own results. What do you care? Why did you even reply to this thread?

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