Printing your Pictures Which Company

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Re: Printing your Pictures Which Company

jayrandomer wrote:

Costco if I need it sooner. They have reasonable quality and good prices.

Costco is a great option if you have one near you but check their quality before you commit an important order to them. The Photo Center at the one near me is managed by a guy that does a lot of photography himself so he makes sure the equipment is calibrated and clean at all times. I submit my orders online and then just pick them up when ready. BTW - you can download color profiles for their printing equipment and can disable any "auto adjustments" to your images before submitting the job if you need to.

In addition to regular prints, I usually use them for large canvas wraps. If you don't want your image wrapped around the wood canvas stretcher, you have the option of a black or white wrap instead. Unless they have changed, the prints are actually done by YPOC but at better pricing than they offer directly. An additional benefit of ordering them via Costco and having it delivered to your local store is that you don't pay anything until you've inspected it at pickup...


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