Is this the worst D600 sensor spots issue you've ever seen?

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Re: Is this the worst D600 sensor spots issue you've ever seen?

Mike Wilcox wrote:

My recently purchased D600 has about 1500 exposures. I came from a Pentax K5 which had about 25,000 exposures. With the K5, I typically cleaned the sensor with a Rocket Blower about every 2000-4000 exposures. A couple of days ago, due to all the buzz about dust, I took a sky shot at f16 with my 50 and noticed I had about 8 or 10 small spots. I used the rocket blower and checked again and it was down to 2 or three. None of these were visible at f8 where I normally shoot, nor were the 8 or 10 in the first test. I know 3 other people with D600s and upon inquiry, none reported dust problems. I am not saying there isn't a higher propensity for dust with the D600, but I am saying that by now, everyone that reads this board is probably watching for dust far closer on this camera than any previous one they owned.

AMEN!  With all this D600 hysteria I actually took a look my D7000.  Wow, that sensor is a freaking mess!  It has over 35K shots and I cannot think of a picture that has ever been noticed or messed up.  I don't shoot much over f8/11 to keep the diffraction to a min.   Hit it with a some filtered compressed air and things look great now.  Maybe I will check again at shot 70K.

I still wonder how many people, like me, that have never even looked before because there was no need.

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