D800 Focusing Issue

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User has problems with understanding AF basics

Paul Spatafora wrote:

I'd like to ask the group here if they've seen this issue with there D800. I've never had this issue with my D700 and I'm concerned. I'm going to discuss this matter with Nikon on Monday but like for info before I do so.

It's no camera issue - it's a user issue.

Here's the problem. On a rare occasion, I land the focus on the subject but it misses it and focuses behind the subject and renders the targeted object out of focus. I've shot around 1300 frames already and see this issue from way out to very subtle. I use AF-S Single point focusing.

You put the focus point on a uni-coloured low-contrast area ...

Read page 100 the camera's manual - "Getting Good Results with Autofocus"

Also think about custom setting c1 ...

Note the Focus point and the guys shirt.

In the above sample, I clearly focused on the guys shirt, but the focus was behind him and the stainless steel post is in focus. I shot this at 5.6 at 125th of a second. I thought it was the 24-70 2.8 acting up but I also got the same results with the 20-35mm, so I know it's not the lens.

User error - unsuitable focus area.

Does anyone know what's causing this?

User error.

I would love to find out this it was my settings that caused this, but I have the camera configured like my D700 and I have never seen this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated before I drive to Nikon.

It's user error - the camera is fine.

Oh, and I changed the post title from the false "D800 Focusing Issue" to "User has problems with understanding AF basics"

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