Installing new hard drive - Help!

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Re: Installing new hard drive - Help!

Confused of Malvern wrote:

I'm running windows vista.

Hellow Confused,

Maybe consider taking advantage of Microsoft's intro offer for Windows 8 Pro for $40 before it expires at the end of this month, Jan 31st. You can also download and install Win8's Media Center for free by Jan 31st. Even if you buy a PC later with Win8, it will only come with Win8 Basic so you will have the Pro version on hand for only $40.

I was running Vista 64bits on my core 2 duo laptop and converted to Win8 Pro 64bits using the intro offer. The key to running Win8 painlessly is to immediately download and install the free Classic Shell to have Win8's user interface perform like Vista/Win7. Then you can have all the time in the world to learn Win8's UI, or ignore it like I've decided to do.

Just install Win8 using your current MBR partitioned NTFS hard drives. No need to use the newer GPT partitioning scheme if you use drives of 2TB or less. And since your current Vista PC undoubtedly does not have a UEFI BIOS, you can just ignore that too. Just clean install Win8 on your current drive (after doing a backup just in case). That's what I did and everything works fine.

Even if you're running a 32 bit system, I'll bet Win8 Pro 32bits will be much better than Vista 32bits.  I believe Win8 Pro comes in both the 64bit and 32bit versions, but double check to be sure.

With Win8, you'll have MUCH faster boot and shutdown times, and a more responsive system. Also, Bit Defender anti-virus comes built into Win8 and is free so no need for paid subscriptions. Or you can use any anti-virus you want to if you don't like Bit Defender. Plus Win8 doesn't keep thrashing your hard drive like Vista does.


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