For the fun of it , Sony 70-400G on Oly EM5

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Re: Fun??

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

Great story because it was the 70-400 that convinced me to go micro v4/3s. My mate got one and I was deeply jealous until I went birding with him. He had his A700, new lens and tripod. I had my E620 and 70-300. He came back with a bad back and a very low keeper rate, I came back fine and with a decent keeper rate. It was then I thought the future for me was light, I bought my G5 and haven’t looked back; he rarely uses his new toy. Good luck and keep taking the steroids

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Hi Trevor,

sorry to her your friend had those problems. I also suffer from lower back damage  but find the more activity I do the stronger the back and less pain , worst thing is rest or just sitting etc ,standing by the tripod immobile would kill me too. I tend to use a monopod most itmes with any long lens , used to always freehand but the results improved when i gave in to my vanity and admitted a pod does it better

I have the Oly 75-300 and I admit my first choice if out and about its the Oly but i purchased the Sony gear a year or two before and have it here still so for me it is fun to get out and try things such as this , fun is more attitude than the deed itself , I even enjoy felling trees and carrying timber in our forest (dead trees for firewood) which most folks would consider darn hard yacka I hate walking on the beach etc , boring,  I need to be doing something to keep me happy, everyone is different

I am surprised your friend got a bad keeper rate I also owned the A700 and while it did not focus as quickly as the A77 it is pretty fine especially for stationary birds , in flight would be worse  talking of which my Oly 75-300 combo is driving me nuts lately with its inability to lock focus when I feel it should  , I can point into the trees and zap it is there I point at a solitary branch  of a perch I erected and everytime it focuses on the background , drives me nuts , I can see the bird filling the centre of the view and it refuses to focus until i lock onto some object at the same distance and reframe then it sees the bird- needless to say it causes a lot of missed opportunities, and a lot of cursing!!

hope you enjoy your camera etc , I know I do (most of the time) it is a joy to use (most of the time!)

regards from Tasmania


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