Some ‘issues’ with the MX-1 concept

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Re: Some ‘issues’ with the MX-1 concept

EArenz wrote:

There have been many who have criticized Pentax for the design of the K-01 and the Q for not having an EVF. It is difficult to use these cameras outside in bright light. It is difficult to use both hand held with manual lenses since there is no EVF. This is less of an issue on a tripod. Canon is receiving similar critique with the EOS-M.

Do you have the K-01 and the Q? My vision is not the best yet I have no problem at all in bright light. Yesterday I took the K-01 XC skiing and even totally surrounded by snow and with the sun behind me the viewfinder was easy to use. As far as manual lenses, focus peaking makes the K-01 better with manual lenses than any DSLR I've used. I've been dragging out manual lenses that I haven't used in years. The Q also works great with manual lenses with its focus peaking as long as the manual lens is of high enough resolution (and for instance a 50mm = 275mm FOV in Q land).

BTW, I was one of the ones who criticized the K-01 when it came out for not having a viewfinder. After owning one I can say: boy was I wrong.


I have 2 Qs. I have a Nikon V1 and a GXR with viewfinder. I previously had a Panasonic G1.

Yes focus peaking helps with manual lenses.

In bright light I find the glare too great to use the Q.

I will be first in line when (if) Pentax develops a Q with an EVF option (built in or accessory).

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