The RX1 changed how I take pictures

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Re: My RX1 makes me think harder than ever before...

Blue Orca wrote:

I came from MFT. My Panasonic GX1 was my primary camera. I used to concentrate on the composition, and let the GX1 give me whatever it can give at or below ISO 1600. If I want subject separation and beautiful bokeh, or wide angle, I just put the right lens on. e.g. Olympus 45mm/f1.8.

I also came from MFT but used the NEX system between it and my RX1.

Now, with the RX1, I have a lot of more options to choose from. I still use Auto ISO, but instead of just composition, I start to wonder what aperture and shutter speed I may want, on every shot!!!! To override the default 1/80 f4 in P mode, and the lack of a min shutter speed setting, I find I use the M mode more than I did before.

With auto ISO available in M mode, I use manual mode a lot more now as well. Like you say, there are a lot more options when the sensor performs as well as the one in the RX1 does. For example, I'm not always forced to use the lowest possible shutter speed; low light IQ is so good I can trade some for faster shutter speeds. This gives me more options for freezing movement in light levels where I would have given up on an MFT camera.

The full frame sensor also gives me a lot more opportunity to experiment with depth of field and where exactly to place the focus.

In just a few weeks this little camera had yielded many shots that mesmerize me. Although marketed as a Cybershot, it is no P&S to me, at least I don't use it like one anyway.

The other day I thought of my Dad's Rollei 35. He was, and still is, very proud of owning the world smallest full frame film camera ever built. 40+ years later, his son feels the same, with the world smallest full frame digital camera.


Exactly; that's the whole essence of the RX1: small + full frame. That doesn't sound like a lot, but there sure is a lot of potential here.

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