X100S with X-Trans

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Re: Calling bs on this.

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Toccata47 wrote:

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Looks like a fantastic camera, but I don´t like the X-trans sensor. I own the X100 and the X-E1, but i really prefer the X100 look of the files. I´m a RAW shooter, but I listened to the jpg hype of the X-pro1 and X-E1. I´m really dissappointed!

X100S without X-Trans would really have been interesting, but I´ll never buy another cam with this sensor...


You don't need to collect them all. If a camera doesn't meet your needs or desires don't buy it, no need whinge on about it.

No I don´t need to. But there seems to be a lot of improvements on the X100S, but the downside is the X-Trans sensor. I will sell the X-E1 + 35mm + zoom. Really, really dissapointed

I´m sure Fuji could have made some good stuff out of the 16 mp Sony sensor, without "X-transing" it.. Look what they did with the X100! (12mp Sony sensor?).

Having owned both the x100 and xpro, and used both extensively I don't think it's credible to believe that one would find the x100 files to be in any way superior to the 16m sensor. Even if you've never used both just look at the compare studio images here the improvements in the xpro are real and easy to see in raw and jpeg.

Looking at your post history, you have many posts going back to 2011 that reference the x100 but not a single post outside this thread about the xpro or xe1.

So, why bother trashing a sensor you've never used nor have any intention of trying? Surely you have a better use of your time.

Eh? You are kidding?



Im sorry, but I´m not impressed with the X-trans sensor (and raw support), and hope for a X-proxx version without this kind of sensor.

So you don´t believe that I own both the X100 and the X-E1. Ok

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