Nikon AF DC-Nikkor 105mm or 135mm 1:2 D for Nikon D800?

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Re: Nikon AF DC-Nikkor 105mm or 135mm 1:2 D for Nikon D800?


Have both and love both, each with its own character and use.

The generally accepted view over the past few years has been that 105DC images can be slightly sharper than those from the 135DC.

Neither of my copies is tack sharp at f/2 but both are good at f/2.8, great by f/3.2 and astonishing at f/4. I do find however that my 105 is slightly sharper than the 135 at wider apertures.

You mention AF tuning but have you also checked that the DC control is at 0 ?  Though I have used the lenses for years, I am still caught out occasionally by a wrong DC setting :-).  A DC setting in a different place will play  havoc with your images just when you don't want it.

Don't give up on the 135 - it gives renderings that you can't get with any other lens - the bokeh is as good, or better than that from the 105. I also use a 180AF F/2.8 and the Sigma 150 AF f/2.8 - both are incredible, yet my absolute pref is for 135 images ... the 180 is sharper wide open at f/2.8 than my 135 at f/2 but both are equal at f/2.8.

Good luck in your research


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