homemade viewfinder for sony nex 5n

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Re: LCD magnifier hoods as pseudo-EVFs

Eduardo Lohmann wrote:

Wait... you still have this option:

A "clearviewer" made to be fit on a LCD shade. that works so good to me!

there was this post....


IMHO, a truly second-rate option. It's smaller, but the folders usually don't isolate the LCD very well (let reflections in and annoyingly bright LCD light out if you're in a darkened area) and, most importantly, they are not the nice rigid eyepiece to brace the camera against your face.

The thing I'm talking about looks like:

There is a NEX-5 in there somewhere between the V4 and a big old Vivitar Series 1 zoom....

It's a matter of priorities. For less than $20, the price is simply not an issue, and functionality is outstanding (better than a real EVF in some ways), so it all comes down to size for carrying. Yes, the V4 is larger than the NEX-5 and doesn't fold... but it is very lightweight and, honestly, I often carry much more bulk in lenses. Basically, I carry one fewer lenses when I bring the V4.


  • I'm assuming you can get something like the V4 for all other NEX models; I haven't checked.
  • The instructions with the V4 say to apply the magnetic frame semi-permanently to the LCD using the sticky tape supplied -- but I did not do that. It's plenty rigid just screwed-into the tripod mount, which leaves it easily removable. The metal magnetic frame isn't very bulky, but I really like being able to completely remove it when I am wanting things as small as possible.
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