D600 / my settings / some questions… and yours?

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Interesting indeed! Thanks for your input, lock.

lock wrote:

b4 Center-weighted area: Avg >> (I’m not sure about this one)

This is interesting, particularly because you report overexposure. AVG actually does one thing: it calculates the average amount of light from all zones without a specific emphasis to the area around the focus point (matrix), the center of the image (center weighted with 8-20 mm wide central area) or the area within the range of a single sensor (spot).
If the bright part is only a fraction of the scene, averaging may lead to overexposure.

Interesting indeed! Thanks for your input, lock.

I haven’t touched the “b4” settings until yesterday, it was always on default (I believe is 8mm?), but yesterday I was going through the camera menu and stopped on “b4”, and just then I realized the importance of it regarding exposure.  I moved it to “Average” and later shot some pictures on a very sunny afternoon and for the first time there were no overexposed pictures!

Today I was about to try different “b4” settings and I read your post about it.

Probably the more appropriate “b4” setting for high contrasted sunny scenarios could be 20mm?, and  I believe it is important to consider that the D600 has its focus point located in a small central area of its huge sensor…

It will be interesting if other D600 users check and confirm this.

I’ll check and respond to the others settings you commented later just to avoid confusion in this thread.



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