Simple Question - Does the 5R produce photos as good as the old 5N does?

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Re: Simple Question - Does the 5R produce photos as good as the old 5N does?

Arun Padakandla wrote:

gronke wrote:

Hey all, I am new here but all this has been incredibly useful to me. I think we are sticking with a local retailer and the $499 price which my any measure seems good. I used a credit card that doubles the warranty, so I figure I am golden.

I'd love any ideas about add ons or other things for this camera. My 12 year old is a freakish video guru, doing high level editing with Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects (sorry Dad bragging). You can find him at "samseriesinc" on YouTube (

The 5N is a compromise between me, who wants to return to high quality photography and he who wants HD def and 60p footage. He made the final call for the 5N with the 18-55mm lens. The commentary on here and other sites is just so enthusiastic for that camera.

So thanks again! Off we go into mirrorless world!

Hi gronke (sorry I dont know your name)

I have read some of your posts and I note that one of the things you are particular about is good video. There are some complaints about video on 5N like clicking issue etc. Sony has resolved. But I just thought it is good you know about this. If you wish more information just search for clicking issue 5n and you will get quite a few posts in this forum that talk about it.




Thanks for mentioning this.  Gronke is my last name.  It seems that the clicking is resolved on newer 5N's but we'll make sure to look at this.  My son is the video wizard; I wanted a mirrorless so it would be more likely that I could carry it when hiking, biking, traveling.    The Sony was our compromise (he wanted some honking huge DSLR for hundreds more, what a surprise).

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