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Re: Honk Kong price

I would love an International warranty.

However I can see that the costs of warranty service would be much higher in (for example) Australia and UK than in Hong Kong.  The cost of a warranty repair must be priced into the wholesale price.

In the past overseas purchases required travel overseas and were thus a tiny minority and able to be absorbed.  Now internet sales are skyrocketing, and shopping for best price and purchasing from a country with cheap labour costs is simple.

An international warranty would require locals from low income countries to subsidise the repairs of those in wealthier countries on higher incomes.

This does not however explain the full difference in pricing between countries. There is a lot of price gouging.  Just compare the cost of a download of Photoshop CS6:  $AU 1062, $US 699 - and the Aussie dollar is worth ~5% more than the the US.

Now suggests we are about to get a glitzy Canon store in central Sydney similar to Apple Stores in style.  That must add a bit more to our local prices!

I bought my 6D locally under the Canon Australia $300 cashback deal from a retailer with a low cost outlet near me but a strong internet presence.  The price after cashback came under the prices from the grey importers and Hong Kong mailout stores.  However generally I favour a Sydney grey importer with a small shopfront, with competitive prices and the advantage of a face-to-face service without the need for the risks of couriers / postal services.

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