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Re: D5200 has shadow banding

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

An excellent question Panagiotis, and one at which I would be happy to take a swing.

Shadow pulling has become a bit of a fad with these new DSLRS with unheard of dynamic range, and it's a good capability to have. But pulling shadows globally more than two stops or so is going to make the picture look bad in most cases. Bad as in unreal and grungy, ruining the lighter parts of the pic as in the example with the outrigger above. Let dark be dark and highlights be tamed but not too tame is my two cents. If there's a part of the pic you want to push that hard, use the brush and bring it up, along with some spot noise reduction.

Here's an example, taken this morning. The camera took it all in beautifully, but the foreground was a deep black silhouette. I brought up blacks in Lightroom by about one stop. Anything further would have looked ridiculous, in my opinion.

Exactly how I feel.  This is an excellent example of a landscape image where a subtle lifting of the shadows improved the images.  But when you see landscape or cityscape images with dramatic, or overdone lifting of foreground shadow areas, it just looks fake (on IMHO, ruins the image).  No flash in the world is strong enough to light the foreground area of a landscape, so if the photographer didn't use a Grad ND, how did they get the foreground as light as the sky?  Obviously they went crazy with the fill slider in LR.

Less is more with pulling highlights and especially with lifting shadow regions.  Either using a Grad ND or doing minor lifting of the darker foreground areas, as Reilly did in his image below, is the way to go.  Anything more than 1 or 2 EV just looks completely unnatural, IMO.

January 18th

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