X100s....couple questions

Started Jan 19, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: X100s....couple questions

Spade357 wrote:

1. SAB - 100% fixed now?

2. Built-in flash - better (flash blends in better) than X-E1

3. lens @23mm sharper than X-E1 zoom kit at the same aperture?


1 - Wasn't this fixed anyway? I think you'll have to wait a while before confirming this on the X100s.

2 - I haven't read anything saying the flash system is any different to the older X100. Which was well regard for fill-flash

3 - As a prime vs zoom, then yes most likely. Plus the difference in maximum aperture at that focal length on each can come in useful. Sharpness isn't all that's useful in comparing lenses.

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