Please recommend a Flash for OMD

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Re: The on camera standard accesory flash is fine .......

tedolf wrote:

skpman wrote:

At this point i think I'm leaning towards the FL-600R or maybe LED.

I won't be bouncing light off large auditoriums... I think my main uses would be to illuminate subjects when in really dark places or as a fill-flash during the day/evening to remove shadows cast on the face and whatnot. With my limited knowledge of flashes... I think that's all I'll use it for.

The FL-50R would probably be too big for my uses. I'd get the FL-150R but I'd rather have the power if necessary. Manual flashes, being cheaper, are very tempting but I'm worried about the 'manual' part of it all. Speaking of which, is it any more difficult to use a manual flash than a FL-600R as a remote flash off-camera triggered by the basic flash unit that comes with the camera? Or is the FL-600R going to be significantly easier to use? I guess this is where LED lighting seems so much more tempting... but so big....

if all you want is a little bit of fill flash in indoor environments. The flash that comes with the camera and ISO 400 will be fine for that.

The only reason to get an external flash is if you need to overpower the sun outdoors, need Super FP flash for high shutter speeds or you want to take the flash off camera and use modifiers, e.g. umbrella's, light boxes, etc.


Also, if you want a little fill outdoors using, say, an Olympus 75mm portrait lens.

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