Consensus on the 17 1.8?

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Re: Consensus on the 17 1.8?

I like it very much. So much, that it's my standard lens for whenever I just want to take a single lens with me.

Build quality is excellent, all metal and engraved markings. The snapfocus is a breeze for manual focus and allows setting hyperfocal distances as one of the few native mFT lenses. Just as wonderful as the 12/2.0, but slightly smaller. In my opinion these two lenses offer the best design, build quality and haptics of any other line of mFT lenses.

Optical quality is also very good. Nice contrast, resolution and bokeh in general. The only weakness is that the corners are not tack sharp when used wide open. Stop down somewhat and they are. Just ask yourself if the corners of your pictures are often within the focal plane anyway when using a lens wide open to know if thats a drawback for you.

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