Gear of choice for stiched mountain panorama's?

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Re: Gear of choice for stiched mountain panorama's?

Thin_Ice wrote


great pictures!

The mt alfred pano is the kind of thing i am looking for. Did you use a circular polariser?

No, not in this instance, I have often carried one, but it's a pain to have to retrieve the filter, adjust it, get the shot(s) and get ready to move on.  Most of my photo op's are quick ones while hiking, I don't normally go out to one location and spend a lot of time shooting it.

I'm not really comfortable using a polariser.  At wide angles it was too easy to over do it resulting in dark/light areas of sky - which is annoying when you are unlikely to get back to a location.   I should practice more.  I'm sure it might be much more valuable in places where haze is an issue.

The Mt Alfred panorama did wind up with varying shades in the sky - somewhat like an overdone circular polariser, but I think it was just the way things were, the actual light, or possibly the result of me combining different exposures (to much in a hurry to switch to manual).  Hugin seems very tolerant of different exposure levels, it seems to do a good job of blending them - perhaps it's making me lazy.

In respect to panoramas, mountains and lakes,  I think the E-M5's sensor is making a difference (more dynamic range).  In the absence of a tripod, the level indicator and IBIS are also very helpful.

Nz is great! I nees some extra vacation and a sponor :-). Until then i have to focus on the alps and norway, and some sailing on the north sea delta...

That too sounds really really nice.


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