Canon Pro 9000 Mark II Red Color Cast Help!?

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Re: Canon Pro 9000 Mark II Red Color Cast Help!?

Hi Joe

The problem with OSX 10.5 onwards is that for some unknown reason Canon print drivers no longer have the no colour management option. Interestingly Epson drivers still have this valuable option. Photoshop 5 and 6 also have removed the no colour management option from the print dialog. As a result Adobe provided us with the Adobe Print Utility so you can print ICC target files with all colour management disabled. When I use this utility with my pro9000 the colorsync and canon colour options are automatically greyed out, disabled. When I print from Lightroom, Aperture or CaptureOne using the application to manage colour then the driver automatically disables colorsync and canon color options. This is meant to make it fool proof, however I just find it annoying. So with OSX and Canon drivers there is no manual way of turning off colour management.

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