Thank you Sigma, for the alternative!

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Re: Thank you Sigma, for the alternative!

I respect Sigma for being a small manufacturer that is managing to not only stay alive but actually grow in the digital camera world.

So many other manufacturers could not do it.

Pentax is struggling to stay alive despite their their enormous legacy of good will, being sold and resold.

Kodak, gone.

Konica, Minolta essentially gone except for their lens mount. How much of their legacy is in a NEX?

Rollei gone.

Dozens of second tier manufacturers like Miranda, Practica all gone.

So we are left with a few giant traditional camera makers plus the electronic behemoths ruling the digital camera market.

And little Sigma. Canon makes more cameras in a shift than Sigma makes in a year yet somehow Sigma is making a go of it. They deserve huge kudos for that.

Could Nikon have built a better camera around the foveon? Of course. But the big boys need to compete with each other so they can't be too different. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer as they say.

I went with Sigma because I wanted SLR quality I could slip in my pocket. I was always the guy with a pack full of gear trudging around and I was really tired of that. So now I carry a camera that is a bit awkward to use but gives me three chip quality in the palm of my hand. It is making this hobby fun again.

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