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jim stirling wrote:

tjuster1 wrote:

jim stirling wrote:

Allan Brown wrote:

But, it is the Oly fanboys who are really to blame. Their unnatural love affair with the EM5 creates the hype in the first place. You can see the tears in their eyes when they talk about it. Guys, it is just a camera, a toy. There are far better cameras out there if you want the best.

+1 Though risking the wrath of the "brotherhood" is borderline dangerous And behold you already have three responses from proud E-M5‚Äčloverssorry users pointing out the errors of your opinion


Well, I would argue this quote is just evidence that you're willfully distorting my point (I was one of the OM-D "lovers" you referred to). I don't know if you're a Panny fanboy or just cantankerous, but your hostility toward the OM-D is really over the top. I will repeat it again: there's a difference between an Oly fanboy and a fan of the OM-D.

Just because someone really, really likes their camera doesn't make them a fanboy

I am afraid when you drift towards multiples of really in your description of your liking a camera , you are getting really really close to fanboyism

Maybe it's a definition problem: I define "fanboy" as being so in love with something (or especially a brand) as to be blind to all other alternatives, resulting in a knee-jerk negative reaction to any of them. An Oly fanboy would only buy Olympus equipment. He would reflexively rise to the defense of any slight of Oly equipment, and pile on when the competition is criticized. Just because I really, really, really (3!) love my new Kindle PaperWhite doesn't make me a Kindle fanboy.

Oly fanboys are few and far between; please give me an example if you disagree. Panny fanboys, on the other hand, seem to come out of the woodwork gnashing their teeth every time someone dares to compliment the competition.

Your animosity is an example of the Oly E-M5 lovers response which is to instantly pounce on anyone who even dares mention their beloved camera without singing its praises. I have made a number of points about the excessive hype of some of the E-M5 owners .

Yes, without giving a single example. What I call enthusiasm you call "excessive hype", and by your choice of words--excessive hype--you are obviously implying an irrational attachment. As you are when you describe my camera as "beloved" and accuse me of 'pouncing' on anyone who fails to sing its praises. What utter BS! What I 'pounced' on was your knee-jerk dismissal of all Oly enthusiasts as fanboys, nothing more, nothing less. Like most OM-D owners I enjoy my camera but have a laundry list of things I'd like to see improved or changed, and I'm not shy about sharing it.

I have never made a negative comment about the camera .

No, you've made negative comments ad nauseum about people who love the camera, which was what prompted my original response.

And a quick read through the posts made since Allan was foolhardy enough to make a post suggesting "some!" E-M5 are over the top. I will refresh you with some of the comments aimed at us who dare just in this thread. All by E-M5 users /

You have three approaches from Oly fans with a couple of examples

1.the insult:

"Your hostility toward the OM-D is really over the top"

"You need to get a grip on reality instead of voicing your fantasies."

You're distorting these responses. They are both in response to your sarcastic dismissal of Oly enthusiasts as fanboys, nothing more.

2.The denial:

"I'm yet to have witness that particular phenomenon..."

"Oly fanboys are few and far between;"

"I think true Oly "fanboys" are pretty rare."

"I don't see so many Olympus fanboys around."

So your point is that these points of view can be dismissed because they're in "denial"? Maybe you should actually respond to the points made: where are these Oly fanboys you so readily ridicule? Please, give me an example--a real live example--of an Oly fanboy.

3. Its their fault: { Panasonic fans }

"I don't know if you're a Panny fanboy"

"I've read posts by Panny fanboys who categorically state that they'll buy nothing but Panasonic gear:" { I have ony seen that from one poster}

"those Panasonic enthusiasts are getting a little disgruntled"

I'm so confused here. What exactly is wrong with these statements? I really don't know if you're a Panny fanboy (according to the last paragraph, you're not, but I truly didn't know that). I have read posts from Panny fanboys who will only consider Panasonic equipment but not the opposite. And the replies in this thread are evidence enough that Panasonic enthusiasts get disgruntled when the OM-D is praised.

As it happens the OP is a long term Olympus owner, Allan Brown owns Olympus gear, as do I . If you do not see the affirmation of my points in the responses , have a wee dabble with fun and post a thread that in anyway challenges the wonders of the E-M5 and tell me how many happy responses you get


Jim, it was you and Alan who introduced the idea of fanboyism to this thread, not me. I thought it was a gratuitous and inaccurate description of many users who really, really (2!) like their OM-D, and so I responded. That kind of drive-by attack is far too common in this forum, and I simply refused to let it pass without rebuttal.

You can have the last word if you want, I'm done. I'm sure others are tired of reading these nested arguments; I know I am.


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