Do your eyes "clip" ???

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Fish Chris
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Do your eyes "clip" ???

No seriously. I got to thinking about this, pertaining to my latest post, with all the white birds.

Where I'm going with this, is that on a bright, sunny day, looking at a snow white bird, I often feel almost blinded, and I certainly cannot distinguish any detail, in the brightest parts of the bird..... In real life, with my own two eyes !

Now, when I get home and pull these same shots up in Lightroom 2.5, lets say that either, I'm looking at a shot that is just shy of any clipping..... Or, lets say, I had one that was slightly clipped, but using RAW, I was able to bring it back to what Lightroom tells me, is "not quite clipped".....

The thing is, a lot of these shots will still look slightly clipped to me ? Or should I say, "I'm seeing about as much of a lack of detail, in the brightest spots, as I probably would have experienced, looking at this bright white bird, on a bright sunny day, without my sun glasses....."

Is Lightroom getting it wrong ? Or, is it pretty close to spot on, to what you were seeing in real life, while being partially blinded, and squinting your eyes ???

Hmmmm. Just wondering outloud....


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