Canon Pro 9000 Mark II Red Color Cast Help!?

Started Jan 18, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Canon Pro 9000 Mark II Red Color Cast Help!?

rudramel wrote:

Thank you for all your help DigitalNut.

But after trying the Adobe Color utility as well as the test pages i still continue to get the red cast. I even tried printing from a pc running photoshop and still the same cast.

At this point I should assume this is a printer problem?

Are you sure you have TURNED OFF Color management inside the PRO 9000 driver??

As you may know, you can't have both PS LR or any other app controlling your color through an ICC profiles IF,,,,,, you have not turned off color management within the printer driver.

If you have done that and your nozzle check is perfect, ALL colors are cleanly firing, then I am as stumped as you are.


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