Fuji X-S1 vs. Fuji HS50EXR

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Fuji X-S1 = 100, Fuji HS50 EXR = 105 ??

Wellington100 wrote:

AdamT wrote:

if you think that a twice warmedover HS20 sensor is going beat the 2/3" version with LESS pixels on it for anything apart from allowing more zoom in the same space then you`re dreaming . if the HS50 performs better even than its predecessors (HS20/30) it`ll be more down to more advanced post processing than anything else, sensor improvements are gradual - it`d take a miracle to get it even close to the 2/3" device .. My Prediction is that The HS50 stands about as much chance of replacing the XS1 as the HS10 did in replacing the S200EXR.

You could be right though the HS50 is getting a new generation backlit sensor. These backlit sensors apparently have a 30% improvement in light gathering capability over normal sensors which if true will go some way towards addressing the size difference between the 2 sensors.

Then there is the lens. Regardless of what Paul says, I have never found his XS1 lens to be as sharp as his old S100 lens. If Fuji nail the HS50 lens (which may be a big if considering its reach) then that could be another benefit for the the HS50.

If the new focusing system works as promised that may mean that the under some more difficult conditions the HS50 will deliver sharp images where the XS1 delivers blur.

Overall there may be various reasons why the HS50 could equal or even better the XS1, with sensor size differences being only one of a number of factors involved.

Also in good light, the benefits of a bigger sensor are less apparent and I would argue that the HS50 is primarily a camera for good light conditions.

I must say that Wellington here makes a whole lot more sense with his line of thoughts than the arguments offered by Adam T to the contrary.

Unfortunately, Fujifilm is the one camera company that can deliver in record time the most impressive, lavish press releases and product web sites for all of their new products.

If only their actual cameras would be as great, well designed, and well executed as their self promotions.

I am hoping against hope and all reasons that the HS50 EXR will be at least FIVE PERCENT BETTER (!!!) overall than the X-S1 had turned out to be. If it is -- I'm getting it.

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