Best DSLR + lens combo for low light, indoor kid shots

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Re: Sony vs Canon/Nikon/etc on EVF, IBIS, AF

IBIS is generally achieved by what is called "frame shift" a software trick built into the camera that tracks the image and attempts to compensate for movement by recording the motion during the open shutter and compensating for it with an image blur reduction algorithm.

In lens image stabilization is achieved by tiny motors compensating for the movement of the lens barrel in real time.  This adds complexity and cost to the lenses but is an optical system.  this is why IBIS cant be seen through an optical viewfinder but in lens stabilization can be easily seen through an optical viewfinder.

The sony EVF is really nice as EVF go, and it will give you a WYSISWYG view that compensates for all camera settings that an optical viewfinder cannot.

At a certain point it just comes down to personal preference and which camera you like using.

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