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Very interesting reading.

It's interesting seeing everybody's different feelings.  I personally ditched the OMD because I found it TOO tiny and IMO the buttons sucked. I have an X-Pro1 so initially got the OMD for something different but never "fell for it". I ended up replacing it with an X-E1 with the zoom to go along with the 35 and 60 Macro I already had with the XP1.  I might be starting to like the X-E1 a bit more due to the better EVF...I never really did use the optical viewfinder on the XP1 and still don't.

I did like the image stabilization of the OMD though...it's definitely top notch.  There are some really fine lenses available for the OMD too, but there are a few stinkers too. The 3 Fujinon primes AND the 18-55 zoom are all fantastic as far as image quality.

IMO, the image quality of the Fuji's are on a whole different level than the OMD which I felt always retained a bit of a "digital" look where I find the Fuji files have a very film like look. High ISO isn't even close.

I like the fact that I have to change the way I do things when using the Fuji cameras compared to, say shooting wildlife with my Nikon D4.  When shooting something like sports or wildlife ( I do some shooting for my local zoo ) I need the speed and focusing of my Nikon system, but I use the Fuji's for "fun".

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