Nikon 70-200 VRII plus 2x III Converter performance

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Re: Nikon 70-200 VRII plus 2x III Converter performance

I had a few very disappointing results trying to use the 800 as I did the D3s. I'm not sure I can justify the 800 use if I have to carry a tripod with me everywhere...

The rate of keepers increased significantly after I started to do basically what you described below a few moths ago. Although that was not the way I was planning to use the 800, it may still do. I am still amazed I wish I had VR on the 14-24, though...

The 800 is a good camera, but I still find myself reaching for the D3s most of the time these days... I'm still working on a solution, though...

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Comrades, i was using this combo recently with a D800 on a safari trip. I found the focus sharpness to be very poor relative to using the lens without the converter (which I have found to be pin sharp). If I switch to Live-view and manual focus I found an improvement but still not at the same sharpness as auto without the converter. Anyone else any thoughts/experience of using this combo?

I'm shooting the same setup (D800E) with fairly sharp results.

To get the best out of this combination, try the following:

~Shoot with a tripod if you can or brace the camera as much as possible.

~Stop down as close to f/8 as possible. Pump up the ISO if you need it - the camera can easily handle the extra noise (remove in PP).

~For hand-held shooting, use a fast enough speed - 1/2 X focal length (at 400mm that would be 1/800 sec exposure. Again, pump up that ISO - the D800/E can really handle it. I often go up to 6400 (and sometimes higher). You'll also lose some dynamic range but the trade-off may be worth it.

~Take extra care not to shake the camera during release. At 400mm it won't forgive you.

~Keep with manual focusing at the higher focal lengths.

There's always some sharpness loss when using a converter (especially 2X), but the extra magnification should still give you a sharper image than without one.

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