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Jan Privat wrote:

I am not sure if I understood you 100%, but you have to put all the images you want to use inside a collection. So if your images come from different folders, you have to put them all into the same collection. Probably a collection that is only created for that book.

Did that answer your question?

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Thank you for replying.     You are confirming what I am finding but I would think you should be able to come back to a saved book and work with another collection.

Actually before you save your book, I believe it allowed me to switch from one collection to another. But as soon as you save the book.  Coming back to it, will only give you the collection that you last worked from.

This is a fairly high hassle factor... I have to put all the pics to make the book into a collection and unless I want to decide before I create the book, the collection  can be 500 pics..  I would seldom finish a book without saving it once and coming back to work ... so discovering that you can switch to various collections before a save is no help.

You should be able to point to another collection from a saved book to finish it but it does not seem to work this way.  Even a tutorial that I took implied what you are saying.   LR is so well thought out but it seems like a requirement miss to me.

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