E-M5 or Nex 6

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Re: E-M5 or Nex 6

Dheorl wrote:

jemsurvey wrote:

I have narrowed down my choices to the above two cameras. Anyone here own both of these and can give me a good comparison. I'm leaning toward the Oly because of lenses and in body IS but the Nex seems a good deal for the price.

Any thoughts appreciated.

Oh...has the E-M5 risen in cost since it was introduced?



It really does depend what you want;

- Native lenses with fast AF and toughness, I'd say go for the OMD

- Shallow DoF and desire to use legacy glass, go with the NEX (as an aside I think the apps look like they could be kinda cool as well)

Atm I own a GH2 but am looking at buying a NEX 6 to use legacy lenses with. For the moment I'm keeping my GH2 for the autofocus with system lenses and the movie quality. If the NEX movie quality matches up and the LA-EA7 adapter proves to work well (or they bring out some more native lenses) then I might consider swapping entirely.


"Native lenses with fast AF and toughness, I'd say go for the OMD"

- I agree about the lenses but not the OMD's toughness. I own 2 NEXes as well as an E-PL1, (also a GF2) and these are tough cameras in the sense of seldom hearing about breakdowns. But there have been a fair number of reports it seems, on this forum about broken OMD's.

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