So, I'm jumping this wagon. Any advice?

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Re: Hmmm

Stilograph wrote:

Oh, sorry, the gallerypics don't represent any of my work. There are some examples, however, pondering what went wrong and where. My wedding pics are in a closed gallery for my clients.

I hope this doesn't start a Canon vs Nikon debate. There is no point. My camerabusiness is just part of what I do. I am a freelance journalist too. And designer. And i Do events and whatever. I did the switch, beacause it made (and makes) sense. Better camera, cheaper then the real alternative to 5D2 (5D3), I took no loss (well ok, maybe 200-300 euros) over the switch, and I still have enough to get a decent zoom and flashes and whatnot.

I know the downsides to focusing and recomposing, and exposure and everything else. The point is only to have some kind advice on getting grips with totally new system, with some help grom friendly fellow photogs.

And I've got a lot. Thank you all.

Such a pragmatic, non elitist view on gear selection is refreshing to see on these boards.

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