I find the 5R dial almost useless, reprogram for digital zoom

Started Jan 17, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Abaregi Regular Member • Posts: 148
Re: I find the 5R dial almost useless, reprogram for digital zoom

I bought the 5R just to get that extra dial. I think it's great!

Though I don't really understand your argument wanting to change the exposure:

First - it's just a downclick on the wheel and then scroll up or down.
Second - are you aware that it will compensate by changing the shutter speed and aperture? The two settings that are assigned to the dials by default? Just change the one you want and don't let the camera guess and change it for you? Voila: exposure changed..

Third - Digital zoom is often bad.

Dials that change the Aperture and Shutter speed are on all high end cameras. It is a standard and one many photographers would not live without. Saying they are useless, well I don't know how to respond to that.

It's like saying the steering wheel in a car is useless (unless it does not work of course) but it is one of the main important functions in controlling both contraptions.

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