Consensus on the 17 1.8?

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Re: Consensus on the 17 1.8?

azoele wrote:

I know this has been debated but... is there any consensus on this lens?

I didn't have the chance to try one in person (my dealer got one... and sold it immediately!), and while I'm considering it, I'd like to know how it compares with the likes of the 14 2,5 and 45 1.8, which I own.
Am still evaluating the real quality of OM-D pictures/high-iso/AF, but if eventually I'm convinced of its usefulness, I won't mind spending some money for other great glass (tried the 75, and that's a very nice lens).

Both my lenses are very sharp wide open, and with not too nasty CA. If the 17 1.8 is as sharp wide open, I may have found a lens to buy.

Thanks all,

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Mine just came two days ago, and so far, I've been quite pleased. I just shot these two of my pups waiting for me to give them their chew toys back. Both shot at f1.8 and 1/60. Not too bad for 1.8. As others have said, it doesn't seem as tack sharp at 1.8 as my 45mm, which is a cheaper lens. But so far, I like the way it renders.

ISO 2500

ISO 1600

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