Please help a noob. 5n or 6? Different lenses.

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Please help a noob. 5n or 6? Different lenses.

Hey guys, would just like to ask your help in deciding which NEX should I be buying around next month. I hope you spare me some of your time, this is my dilemma:

NEX 5N + 18-55mm + 16mm + 50mm f1.8

NEX 6 + 16-50mm + 50mm f1.8

I was already considering buying a NEX 6 and be happy with the kit lens that goes with it. But i saw the prime lenses (looking at 50mm now) and they were good really good especially the bokeh. Now my problem is the price. I kinda dont want to spend all my money for the cameras since im just goin to do this as a hobby and no professional work included.

I like the fact that NEX 6 has all the features I like. But thinking that 5N is ridiculously cheap right now, i might afford another 50mm 1.8 lens now and that would be a little higher of the price that id be buying with the NEX 6 + 16-50mm kit lens. If i opt to go for NEX 6, that would mean i wont be able to buy the 50mm 1.8 just yet and im thinking its already quite expensive for the NEX 6 + 50mm. Thing is i know i can buy either of them but im just really thinking into saving money but still getting quality images and videos. I just hate that 5N doesnt have the hybrid AF and the built in EVF.

Just another question though, is the AF of 5N really that bad? I heard that its having a hard time focusing and can go nuts looking for the focus. I just dont want to miss that moment and i think NEX 6 can handle it.

And does the NEX 6 16-50mm have decent bokeh Compared to NEX 5N + 50mm 1.8? Saw some on flickr and i think they are pretty decent for a kit lens though.

Hope you guys can help a newbie here.. Thanks..

edit: and isnt it already a good deal to have all those lenses for the NEX 5N? All those are almost the same price with the NEX 6 w/ 16-50 kit lens. Just around $120 i think. But i can also just buy the expensive NEX 6 though and just save up for the other lenses.. -_-

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